Threat Assessment and Response


[Team Concept]


The board of education is committed to providing a safe environment for members of the school community.† Students, staff and patrons are urged to immediately report any statements or behavior that makes the observer fearful or uncomfortable about the safety of the school environment.


1.            Obligation to Report threatening Statements or Behaviors.


All staff and students must report any threatening statements or behavior to a member of the administration.† Staff and students must make such report regardless of the nature of the relationship between the individual who initiated the threat or threatening behavior and the person(s) who were threatened or who were the focus of the threatening behavior.† Staff and students must also make such reports regardless of where or when the threat was made or the threatening behavior occurred.




2.†††††† Threat Assessment Team


The threat assessment team (team) shall consist of at a minimum: the superintendent of schools, building principal(s), and local law enforcement.† It also could include the school nurse, guidance counselor, members of the mental health profession who would be willing to work with the school.† (It should not include parents or board members.)† The team is responsible for investigating all reported threats to school safety, evaluating the significance of each threat, and devising an appropriate response.


3.†††††† Threat Assessment Investigation and Response


All reports of violent, threatening, stalking or other behavior or statements which could be interpreted as posing a threat to school safety will immediately be forwarded to a member of the team.† Upon receipt of an initial report of any threat, the team will take steps to verify the information, make an initial assessment, and document any decision involving further action.† This investigation may include interviews with the person who made the statement(s) or engaged in the behavior of concern, interviews with teachers and other staff members who may have information about the individual of concern, interviews with the target(s) of the threatening statements or behavior, interviews of family members, physical searches of the individual of concernís person, possessions, and home (as allowed by law and in cooperation with law enforcement), and any other investigatory methods that the team determines to be reasonable and useful.†


At the conclusion of the investigation, the team will determine what, if any, response to the threat is appropriate.† The team is authorized to disclose the results of its investigation to law enforcement and to the target(s) of any threatened acts.† The team may refer the individual of concern to the appropriate school administrator for consequences under the schoolís student discipline policy or, if appropriate, report the results of its investigation to the studentís individualized education plan team.


4.†††††† Communication with the Public about Reported Threats


To the extent possible, the team will keep members of the school community informed about possible threats and about the teamís response to those threats.† This communication may include oral announcements, written communication sent home with students, and communication through print or broadcast media.† However, the team will not reveal the identity of the individual of concern or of any target(s) of threatened violence if that individual is a minor.†



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