Free Expression by Students

The board of education is responsible for providing a program of education for students in this district and is authorized to preserve order so that the system may function properly.  Under the United States Constitution, students are entitled to assemble peaceably and to express ideas and opinions, privately or publicly, provided that their activities do not infringe on the rights of others and do not interfere with the operation of the education program.

Students are prohibited from engaging in any willful activity that interferes with the orderly operation of the educational program or offends the rights of others. The board specifically prohibits any assembly or public expression that materially disrupts instruction; is obscene, slanderous, or grossly prejudicial to an ethnic, national, religious, or racial group or to either gender; advocates the use of substances that are illegal to minors; incites violence or urges the violation of law or school rules. Violators will be disciplined in accordance with law and board policy; staff members who assist students in improper conduct are subject to disciplinary measures.

The building principal is responsible for identifying and resolving disruptions in any school building and may summon law enforcement officers as deemed necessary.

Adopted on: November 14, 2011

Revised on: _______________

Reviewed on: June 9, 2014

Reviewed on March 14, 2016


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