The board shall observe and evaluate the superintendent based upon actual classroom observations for an entire instructional period at least twice during his first year of employment and at least once each year thereafter.† Additional evaluations may be conducted at the discretion of the board.† For the purposes of this policy, ďactual classroom observationĒ shall mean observing the superintendent performing activities that are typical of his or her position.† An ďentire instructional periodĒ for administrators cannot be defined in terms of an instructional period and shall be satisfied by the actual observation of some aspect of the superintendentís work during the semester for no less than 40 minutes.


Purpose.† The purposes of the formal job evaluation are:


1.†††††††† To provide a means of rational, structured communication between the board and superintendent to create a more constructive and effective working relationship.

2.†††††††† To provide a basis for commending, rewarding and reinforcing good work, as well as identifying areas where the superintendent needs to improve.

3.†††††††† To clarify the superintendentís role and inform the superintendent of the boardís expectations.


Dates.† The first year evaluations shall take place (1) at or prior to the October board meeting, and (2) at or prior to the January board meeting.† Annual evaluations shall take place at a board meeting held during the month before the date in the superintendentís employment contract by which the board must notify the superintendent of its intention to consider the nonrenewal or amendment of the contract.† In the absence of such a contract provision, the annual evaluation shall take place at or prior to the March board meeting.† The Superintendent shall remind the Board members in writing at least 45 days before the date of each upcoming evaluation and shall make his evaluation an agenda item for the board meeting.


Evaluation Document.† The superintendent shall submit a recommended evaluation document to the board. †The board shall meet and discuss the proposed document with the superintendent.† The board may amend and adopt the proposed evaluation document.† The board may amend the document or adopt a new document without amending this policy. †The superintendent shall submit the evaluation document to the Nebraska Department of Education. †


Evaluation Procedures.† Each board member shall have the opportunity to individually evaluate the superintendent and complete an evaluation document.† The board shall compile the individual evaluations into a single evaluation, provide a copy to the superintendent, and discuss it with him or her.† The superintendentís evaluation may be conducted in closed session if it is necessary to prevent needless injury to the superintendentís reputation and he or she has not requested it be done in open session.


Deficiencies.† If deficiencies are noted in the superintendentís work performance, the board shall provide the superintendent at the time of the observation with a list of deficiencies and a list of suggestions for improvement and assistance in overcoming the deficiencies. †The board shall also provide the superintendent with followup evaluations and assistance when deficiencies remain, a timeline for improvement, and sufficient time to improve.† In the alternative, the board may rely upon the superintendentís education, training, and expertise and require him or her to submit a ďlist of suggestions for improvementĒ or plan of improvement for the boardís consideration.


Personnel File.† The evaluation shall be signed by the board president (or other member of the board) and the superintendent.† The superintendent shall place a copy of the evaluation in his or her personnel file.† The superintendent may provide a written response to the evaluation to the board.† A copy of the response shall also be placed in the superintendentís personnel file.† The board may meet with the superintendent to discuss the written response.


Policy Limitation.† The evaluation procedures are included in this policy as a result of the boardís statutory obligation to evaluate the superintendent and do not give the superintendent any rights not provided by statute.† The boardís failure to comply with any procedures provided in this policy but not required by law shall not prohibit the board from taking any action regarding the superintendentís employment, up to and including the nonrenewal or cancellation of the employment contract.



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