Assessment Administration and Security


The purpose of all testing and assessments is to measure studentsí knowledge, skills or abilities in the area tested.† All staff members are prohibited from engaging in any behavior that adversely affects the validity of test scores as a measure of student achievement. This policy applies to all national, state, and local assessments, including both standardized and general classroom assessments.


1.            Assessment Responsibilities


a.            Each building principal, in consultation with the Superintendent and classroom teachers, will be responsible for:


       overseeing the scheduling of state administered assessments, and ensuring that all assessments, including make-up testing, is completed within relevant testing windows


       obtaining Standards, Assessment and Accountability Updates from the Department of Education and circulating the relevant portions of those updates to other staff members


       informing the board of education of changes to the Nebraska State Accountability Security Procedures; and †


       signing and enforcing the Nebraska State Accountability Test Security Agreement.


b.    Every classroom teacher or other staff member who administers assessments is responsible for:


        complying with the Nebraska State Accountability Security Procedures; and


        taking all reasonable and prudent steps to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all academic testing, including statewide assessments.



2.              Security Violations and Cheating


a.            Classroom assessments


Staff members who suspect students of having cheated on a classroom assessment should conduct a reasonable inquiry and impose consequences on the student consistent with classroom rules and the student handbook.†


b.            State Accountability Tests


Staff members who suspect a breach of security on State Accountability Tests, must promptly report their suspicious to the building principal or superintendent.† The superintendent must notify the Department of Educationís Statewide Assessment Office and follow the Departmentís protocol for Reporting and Investigating Test Security Violations.


c.            Staff members who engage in or enable students to engage in academic dishonesty in any testing or assessment will be subject to discipline up to and including the immediate cancellation of their employment contract.†




Adopted on: September 12, 2011

Revised on: _______________

Reviewed on: March 10, 2014

Reviewed on March 13, 2016