Crisis Response Team Duties

The school district will use a Crisis Response Team (CRT) to plan and coordinate efforts to deal with an emergency that involves the school, staff, and students.† The primary concern will be the safety and welfare of students and staff, followed by the protection and salvaging of property.


The CRT will consist of the superintendent or designee (who will serve as general coordinator), the principal (who will serve as staff/operations coordinator), the counselor (who will serve as counseling services coordinator), one secondary and one elementary staff member and one male and one female secondary student.† Examples of situations that the CRT would address are the death of a student, staff member, local or national leader; an accident or illness involving any of the previously mentioned people; a threat to the safety of students or staff, weather-related disaster; or other incidents that seriously affect the school.


The superintendent will direct and coordinate CRT members.† The principal will assume these responsibilities in the absence of the superintendent, and a designated board member will assume the responsibilities of the superintendent and principal in their absence. †Team appointments and assignments may change annually based upon the districtís needs.


During a crisis, school will be conducted in as normal and routine a manner as possible.† To help provide students and staff with the services to cope with an emergency, the CRT may call upon patrons and school and community professionals who are skilled in providing counseling.


A careful balance must be maintained between the right of the public to information and the rights of the student and staff to privacy and normalcy.† The general coordinator will be responsible for dealing with the media and providing information to the public.†


Responsibilities of General Coordinator:



1.            Pre-Crisis:

a.            Appoint team members;

b.            Call meetings;

c.            Serve as chair of CRT; and

d.            Inform staff and community of functions of CRT.


2.            When Crisis Occurs:

a.            Compile checklist of activities that must be addressed prior to meeting with CRT;

b.            Decide whether to convene or postpone school with necessary transportation and scheduling adjustments; and

c.            Communicate with president of the board.† President of the board will communicate with remainder of board.

d.            Conduct secretarial and custodial meetings to tell them what information to give out and to direct all visitors to the crisis headquarters.

e.            Communicate as needed with police, civil defense, fire and emergency personnel;

f.             See that students and staff are appropriately notified after CRT meeting;

g.           Approve press releases and schedule news conferences;

h.            Serve as approval authority on plans presented by other coordinators; and

i.             Handle unexpected details as they arise.


3.            Post Crisis:†

a.            Critique the response strategy of the CRT after the crisis with the CRT; and

b.            Report on the incident at the next regular (or emergency) board meeting.†


Responsibilities of Staff/Operations Coordinator:



1.            Pre-Crisis:

a.            Attend meetings;

b.            Assist in informing staff and community of functions of CRT;

c.            Arrange for special training as needed.


2.            When Crisis Occurs:

a.            Meet with general coordinator;

b.            Meet with CRT as needed;

c.            Provide staff with necessary information.

d.            Provide support services for staff: refer the staff to counseling services coordinator as needed, arrange for substitutes to be in the building, arrange for class coverage as needed, and keep staff updated.

e.            Support services for family: express condolences and offer support, check on financial matters for the family as needed (social security, insurance, retirement).†

f.             Check on funeral arrangements if needed, notify staff and students, and arrange substitutes as needed.

g.           Support services for students: refer those needing support to counseling services coordinator and assist in calling community personnel as needed.

h.            Keep records of occurrences as they happen.


3.            Post Crisis:

a.            Critique the response strategies and turn in recommendation to the general coordinator; and

b.            Meet with the CRT.


Responsibilities of Counseling Services Coordinator:


1.            Pre-Crisis:

a.            Compile a list of support staff from the community and other area support services, with names and phone numbers; and

b.            In-service CRT members and selected building personnel regarding specific counseling interventions for crises, especially the student members of CRT.


2.            When Crisis Occurs:

a.            Meet with the general coordinator;

b.            Meet with the CRT as needed;

c.            Evaluate counseling needs for the day; involve support staff from the community and other agencies as needed;

d.            Arrange for small group and individual counseling sessions for students, staff, and parents as needed;

e.            Contact area mental health agencies if necessary for referral or additional assistance;

f.             Arrange to visit classes as needed to make announcements, give details, answer questions, etc.;

g.           Oversee the use of student records;

h.            Maintain counseling records for follow-up;

i.             Liaison with parents if necessary; and

j.             Liaison with student representatives to CRT.


3.            Post Crisis:

a.            Critique the response strategies used, update the crisis plan, and update counseling records and turn in recommendations to the general coordinator; and

b.            Be observant for support needed by CRT members and other involved staff.


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