Communicable Disease


It is important to provide a safe environment for everyone at school while safeguarding the rights of all students, including those with high risk communicable diseases.† Students are entitled to an appropriate, free public education; and students, staff and visitors are entitled to a safe, healthy environment.† The first consideration in making any decision regarding a student or staff member with a high risk communicable disease must be the well-being of others in the school.†


1.            The district will monitor the information available through the Federal Centers for Disease Control and the Nebraska State Department of Health.† These regulations and the procedures to implement them will be modified, if appropriate, based upon the best new medical information provided by the above sources.†


2.            A student who has been diagnosed as having a high-risk communicable disease shall be provided a program of services in accordance with state law and board policy.† The decision regarding the studentís education program and placement shall be made on an individual basis in light of current medical and educational information and recommendations, and the superintendentís judgment.


3.            Individuals with high-risk communicable disease shall be restricted only to the extent necessary to prevent the transmission of the disease, and to protect their health and rights of privacy.


Adopted on: July 13, 2009

Revised on: _________________________

Reviewed on: November 13, 2013

Reviewed on March 13, 2016