Controlling Receipts


1.            No person, including school employees, shall be permitted to cash personal checks.


2.            All receipt books and deposit books will be pre-numbered.


3.            When checks are received, they will be marked on the back ďFor Deposit Only.Ē† They will be listed on deposit slips and deposited weekly, at a minimum.


4.            The Hot Lunch Fund shall have deposit ticket numbers and dates put in the corresponding receipt books.†


5.            Receipt of Monies


a.            All receipts shall be counted on the date they are received.

b.            Two or more persons shall count the receipts, record the amount collected on a receipts form, initial it, and give it to the superintendent.

c.            The monies will then be sealed in an envelope or locked in a money bag and deposited directly at the districtís depository institution.† If the districtís bank is not open or inaccessible, the envelope/money bag may be locked in the districtís safe until it can be delivered to the bank.


Adopted on: July 13, 2009

Revised on: _________________________

Reviewed on: November 13, 2013

Reviewed on March 13, 2016