1.            Open Meetings


The formation of policy is public business and will be conducted openly.


2.            Types of Meetings


a.            The board shall hold its regular meetings on the second Monday of each month.  The board reserves the right to change that date if conflicts exist.


b.            Special and emergency meetings may be called as provided by law.


c.            Work sessions and retreats.  The board may schedule informal work sessions between regular meetings in order to provide board members and administrators with the opportunity to plan, research, and engage in discussion without taking immediate action.


Topics for discussion and study will be announced publicly. Work sessions and retreats will be conducted in open session;  however, no board action shall take place at a work session or retreat. 


3.            Notice


The board shall give reasonable advance publicized notice of the time and place of each of its meetings.  Such notice shall be transmitted to all members of the board and to the public.  Notice of regular and special meetings shall be posted in three prominent places within the school district at least 48 hours before the announced beginning of the meeting. Such notice shall contain a statement that the agenda shall be readily available for public inspection at the administrative office of the school during the normal business hours. In addition, the superintendent is authorized, but not required, to publish the notice of any meeting in a newspaper of general circulation within the district if, in the opinion of the superintendent, it is convenient and useful to do so.


When it is necessary to hold an emergency meeting without reasonable advance public notice, the nature of the emergency shall be stated in the minutes of the meeting, and that any formal action taken in such meeting shall pertain only to the emergency.  Complete minutes of such emergency meetings specifying the nature of the emergency and any formal action taken at the meeting shall be made available to the public no later than the end of the next regular business day.


4.            Minutes


a.            The board shall keep minutes of all meetings showing the time, place, members present and absent, and the substance of all matters discussed. 


b.            Any action taken on any question or motion duly moved and seconded shall be by roll call vote of the board in open session, and the record shall state how each member voted, or if the member was absent or not voting.


c.            The minutes of all meetings and evidence and documentation received or disclosed in open session shall be public record and open to public inspection during normal business hours.




Adopted on: July 13, 2009

Revised on: _______________

Reviewed on: August 12, 2013

Reviewed on March 13, 2016