Creation and Amendment of Board of Education Policies


Creation of Board Policies


Each of these policies shall become the official policy of the school district when the board has approved it by majority vote of the members present at any lawfully convened meeting of the board.


Amendment of Board Policies


The board may revise policies at a regular or special meeting if the proposed revision, addition, or amendment has been distributed to the board members in writing prior to the meeting at which it is to be adopted.†††


In an emergency, the board may declare an emergency and revise policies without having distributed copies of the proposed revisions to board members prior to the meeting.


Each policy shall bear the date when it was adopted, revised or reviewed.†


The superintendent shall distribute copies of these policies to all members of the board, maintain a master copy in the central office, and see to it that the policies are maintained on the school districtís web site.

Annual Review

The board shall review all policies at least once every three years.† Nebraska statutes require an annual review of specific policies, and such policies shall be so identified. The board may update or add policies as needed. The board shall determine the number of copies of policies to be made and their distribution. The superintendent shall maintain an up-to-date master copy of the policies in the main administrative office.† Unless otherwise directed by the board, the master copy shall be considered the official district policy manual.


Adopted on: July 13, 2009

Revised on: _________________

Reviewed on: March 11, 2013

Reviewed on:† March 14, 2016