The Board recognizes that students, employees, parents or citizens may want to distribute materials within the school district that are noncurricular.  Noncurricular materials to be distributed must be approved by the building principal and meet certain standards prior to their distribution.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the building principals to draft administrative regulations regarding this policy.


Materials shall be reviewed based on legitimate educational concerns.  Such concerns include: the material is or may be defamatory; the material is inappropriate based on the age, grade level and/or maturity of the reading audience; the material is poorly written, inadequately researched, biased or prejudiced; the material contains information that is not factual; the material is not free of racial, ethnic, religious or sexual bias; or the material contains advertising that violates public school laws, rules and/or policy, is deemed inappropriate for students or that the public might reasonably perceive to bear the sanction or approval of the district.


The superintendent or designee shall determine distribution procedures for noncurricular materials.  Such procedures may include:


1.      Distribution to each student before or after class if materials are not directly related to the instructional goals;

2.      Notification to students or parents of the availability of the materials in a specified location if this procedure is deemed less disruptive to the educational process; or

3.      Solicitation of school-related groups such as parent organizations to distribute materials.


The practice of distributing pamphlets, booklets, flyers, brochures and other similar materials shall be periodically reviewed to ensure that the mere volume of requests has not become an interruption to the educational process.


The facilities, the staff or the students of the district shall not be used in any manner to advertise or promote commercial, cultural, organizational or other nonschool interests except that the district may:


1.      Utilize films and other instructional aids furnished by private sources when the advertising content is reasonable in the judgment of the building principal;

2.      Cooperate through announcements and distribution of program material with nonprofit community organizations that supplement the school program when such cooperation will not interfere with the school program;

3.      Permit participation on a student option basis in essay, art, science and similar contests sponsored by outside interests when such activities parallel the curriculum and contribute to the educational program;

4.      Release promotional material for nonschool athletic and cultural events only through appropriate school departments;

5.      Accept limited advertising on extracurricular activity schedules and programs at the discretion of the principal of the school involved;

6.      Permit other exceptions when, in the judgment of the superintendent, students of the district will benefit.  The superintendent may, at his/her option, refer specific cases to the board for decision.


Signs and Banners: Signs and banners will be allowed in or upon buildings and other district facilities only with the prior written approval of the with consideration for the health, safety and welfare of staff and students.


The following guidelines shall be applied in considering requests to display signs or banners:


1.      Signs and banners on sticks require special authorization;

2.      Signs and banners fastened to any structure of a building or structures immediately adjacent to an open space shall not be allowed without specific prior written permission;

3.      Signs and banner presenting recognizable health or safety hazards are prohibited;

4.      Signs and banners presenting false information shall be prohibited.



Cross References:                     504.03             Student Conduct

            504.08             Freedom of Expression

                                                506                  Student Activities

                                                604.10             Academic Freedom



Policy                                                               COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:  2/12/07                                            Columbus, Nebraska