Section 1000

Community/Educational Agency Relations


1001                Principles and Objectives for Community Relations


1002                District Annual Report


1003                Public Examination of District Records

      1003.00          Public Examination of District Records

      1003.00E1     Denial of Access To School District Records Form

      1003.00E2     Explanation of Delay in Fulfilling Request for School District Records

      1003.00R1     Public’s Right to Information



1004                  Press, Radio and Television News Media

     1004.01           Media Relations

     1004.02           Press Releases, Conferences and Interviews

     1004.03           Live Broadcast or Videotaping

     1004.04           Crisis Management Communications


1005                Public Participation in the School District

     1005.01           Public Complaints

     1005.01E1      Complaints About Instructional Materials

     1005.02           Parent Relations Goals

     1005.02E1      Parent/Guardian Objection Form

     1005.02R1      Parent/Guardian Involvement and Participation


     1005.03           Parent Involvement in the Schools

     1005.03R1      Title 1 – Parent Involvement

     1005.04           Community Relations Goals

     1005.05           Community Involvement in Decision Making

     1005.06           Community Resource Persons

     1005.07           Visitors to School

     1005.08           Public Conduct on School Premises

     1005.09           Skateboarding and Rollerblading

     1005.10           Distribution or Posting of Materials

     1005.10R1      Distribution of Religious and Political Materials


1006                Use of District Facilities and Equipment

      1006.01          Tobacco Use Prohibited

      1006.50          Community Use of School Facilities

      1006.50E1     Application for use of School Facilities

      1006.50E2     Contract for Use of School Buildings and Grounds

      1006.50E3     Release and Indemnification Agreement

      1006.50E4     Building Rental “Checklist”

      1006.50R1     Community Use of School Facilities – General Regulations


1007                Education Agency Relations