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Naming Rights are in recognition of any significant contributions to the district that it wishes to honor. These contributions can be financial or other gifts from donors, or meritorious service, and is at the sole discretion of the Board in agreement with the party or their representatives. Naming rights may be granted at the sole discretion of the Board in recognition of the party it wishes to honor.


Any proposed name that is compatible with the best interests of the district its educational mission, values or public image by the Board of Education may be approved if the individual(s) or organization meet the following criteria.


A.      Naming Rights In Recognition


One (1) of the following three (3) criteria must be fulfilled in order for granting of naming rights in recognition to be considered:


1.      Recognition of outstanding services to the district; or outstanding service to the Columbus community.


2.      Recognition of the achievement(s) of distinguished alumni and past or present community members.


3.      Recognition of a noteworthy financial or other contribution from a donor (be it way of donation, bequest, sponsorship, etc.).


The committee may solicit suitable donations from the advocates of such recognition, particularly if the request comes from other than family members.


B.      Responsibility of Naming Rights on Facilities


1.      Naming rights, either in consideration or in recognition, should maintain an appropriate balance between commercial considerations and to the district’s sense of identity.


2.      Any permanent or nonpermanent fixtures shall become the sole property of the Columbus Public School District.


1.      The department/school affected by the naming right to be granted must be consulted before any decision is made to location.


2.      The school district may provide opportunities for the naming of buildings, components of buildings, auditoriums, gymnasiums, playgrounds, fields, laboratories, classrooms, equipment and any and all other property owned by the school district.


3.      For a facility to be named after a person, that person shall be of exemplary moral character; have made an outstanding contribution to education, humanity or community; or have displayed outstanding leadership; or be a person of historical significance.


File: 906.01R2

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4.      The Board will evaluate the financial value of naming rights based on a review of the market for naming rights. Facilities may be named after major contributors to the district. The company, group and/or product must, as determined by the Board, have and maintain an exemplary record and positive public, and non-­‐partisan image.


5.      The Board reserves the right to revoke the name should it discover information about the individual or organization that would lead to not meeting the requirements set forth herein.


C.      Transferability


1.      Naming rights in consideration may be traded by mutual agreement between all parties. Traded is identified as “to exchange or swap one naming right for another.”


2.      The district may, as it deems necessary, require the company to provide compensation for the costs of any such change.


3.      If the company does not provide compensation for such costs, the district reserves the right to remove the name.


D.     Limit of Naming Rights

1.      On The Part of The District –


a.       The district’s right to use the name and other brand elements of the named party shall only be permitted by express agreement with the named party.


2.      On The Part of The Named Party –


a.       The named party after whom a building or facility is named shall have no rights to the purpose to which that building or facility is applied unless provided for in the specific contract between the parties.


b.      In turn, the named party shall bear no liability in respect of that building or facility unless provided for in the specific contract between the parties.


E.      Early Termination of Naming Rights

1.      Termination By The District –


a.       The Columbus Public School District shall have the authority to revoke the naming of a facility for compelling reasons as determined by the Board of Education at anytime. Any prepaid financial contributions will be proportionally refunded except in the case of termination prompted by a company or product’s tarnished public image.


2.      Termination By The Named Party –


a.       The named party may without refund, at its sole discretion, terminate its acceptance of the naming rights prior to the scheduled termination date upon request or the Board of Education.








































Adopted: 11/16/15                                                                                                  COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                                                            Columbus,  Nebraska