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The official name selected for a facility or a portion thereof is a vital factor in the public image of the school district. The honor and integrity of the name selected reflects upon the facility and the district.


A.      Committee Procedures For Selecting Names for Facilities


1.      The Columbus Public Schools Board of Education will appoint a special committee whose function will be to review potential names and to make recommendations to the Board of Education.


2.      The committee will have representatives from the Board of Education, community leadership, administration, and teaching staff.


3.      The public and members of the staff will be invited to suggest names to the committee along with documentation to support the nomination.


B.      Board Action


1.      The nomination from the committee shall be referred to the Superintendent, followed by a review of the Building & Operations Committee. Subsequent to discussion and consideration, the committee, will or will not make a recommendation on the nomination to the Board for formal action.


2.      The Columbus Public Schools Board of Education shall determine and/or approve the naming title, all design considerations such as colors, shapes, and sizes along with the location of any and all signage or fixtures to be displayed in and/or on school facilities and/or equipment.


3.      The district shall not grant a naming right without the informed consent of the named party or the named party’s legal representative.


C.      The Board reserves the right, in all cases, to refuse to name a particular facility/piece of property.


D.     The Board of Education may remove a name from a school facility or a portion thereof for the following reasons:


1.      The name is no longer compatible with the best interests of the district, its educational mission, values or public image, or no longer reflects the honor and integrity of the district or


2.      The named business or organization ceases doing business in Platte County, Nebraska, or ceases doing business under the name used on a facility.


File: 906.01R1


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The Naming of Facilities should acknowledge significant contributions to Columbus Public Schools. Naming can be approved and/or removed for the following purposes.


A.      Names to Acknowledge Recognition or Contributions


1.      Naming of facilities should acknowledge significant contributions to Columbus Public Schools. Naming can be approved for the following purposes.


a.       Recognition of outstanding service to the district; or community

b.      Recognition of the achievement(s) of distinguished alumni


c.       Recognition of a financial or other contribution from a donor.


2.      The Board of Education may allow school facilities or portions thereof to be named for a person(s), an organization or business that made significant financial contributions for the construction, maintenance or furnishings of the facility, with the Board considering the following criteria:


a.       Preference is given to the name of a person or family


b.      The name of a business or organization may be used, but logos, labels or trademarks are discouraged on school facilities.


c.       It is expected that a specific agreement about the nature of the naming right would be drawn up between the parties or their representatives. Such agreement is to be governed by the provisions of this policy.


d.      Financial contributions shall not give rise to any right, belief or expectation that a facility will be at the disposal of the contributor.













Adopted: 11/16/15                                                              COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                                                                                                            Columbus,  Nebraska