Students enrolled and attending school in the school district, who are unable to afford the special milk program, the cost or a portion of the cost of the school lunch, breakfast and supplemental foods, will be provided the school food program services at no cost or at a reduced cost.


It shall be the responsibility of the food service director or designee to determine if a student qualifies for free or reduced cost school food services.  Students, whom the principal believes are improperly nourished, will not be denied the school food program services simply because the paperwork has not been completed.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to develop administrative regulations for implementing this policy.


Legal Reference:           42 U.S.C. §§ 1751 et seq. (1994).


Cross Reference:          504.19 Student Fees























Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:  4/16/07                                                        Columbus, Nebraska