The board may, at any time, declare district real estate and improvements as surplus and authorize its disposal when such property is no longer useful to the district, unsuitable for use, too costly to repair or obsolete.


If reasonable attempts to dispose of surplus properties fail to produce a monetary return to the district, the board may dispose of them in another manner.


The superintendent may dispose of all obsolete, surplus, unwanted and/or excessively damaged equipment and supplies owned by the district in accordance with the following procedures:


1.      Items estimated by the director of business to have a value of less than $100 may be sold by the director of business at prices estimated to be the market values of the items.† All sales by the director of business will be recorded by item, price and buyer;


2.      Property or materials estimated by the director of business to be greater than $100 may be declared surplus and may be sold by the director of business through a bidding procedure.† If public sales fail to produce any interested buyers or bidders, remaining unsold materials may then, at the superintendentís discretion, be disposed of as scrap or junk or be donated to appropriate charitable or educational agencies.