District employees, board members, and volunteers who incur expenses in carrying out their authorized duties will be reimbursed upon submission of a properly completed and approved voucher and receipts as required by the business office.


Such expenses may be incurred and approved in line with budgetary allocations for specific types of expenses.


Expenses for travel will be reimbursed when the travel has the advance authorization of the superintendentThe superintendent may grant authorization without prior board action when the travel expense has been anticipated and incorporated into the operational budget of the program involved.  The board will later ratify such approval.


Persons who travel at district expense will exercise the same economy as a prudent person traveling on personal business and will differentiate between business expenditures and those for personal convenience.


The board establishes regulations controlling vehicle allowance payments to employees for use of private vehicles in transaction of school district business and reimbursement for educational meetings transportation and lodging costs on an annual basis.


The mileage rate, unless in an individual employment contract, for travel by private vehicle will be set by the board at the state approved rate.