Students must successfully complete the courses required by the board and Nebraska Department of Education in order to graduate. 


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to ensure that students complete grades one through twelve and that high school students complete 260 credits prior to graduation.  The following credits will be required:


            Language Arts                                     

                        English                          _35_  credit hours

                        Speech                                     _  5_  credit hours

            Science                                                _30_  credit hours

            Mathematics                                         _30_  credit hours

            World History                                      _10_  credit hours

            U.S. History I                                       __5_  credit hours

            U.S. History II                                      _10_  credit hours

            American Government                          __5_  credit hours

Physical Education                                _10_  credit hours

Health                                                  __5_  credit hours

Career Education                                  _  5_  credit hours

Fine Arts                                              __5_  credit hours

            Total Required Hours                           155_  credit hours

            Total Elective Hours                           _105_  credit hours

Total Required Hours for Graduation                260 credit hours


For graduation, high school students shall be required to successfully participate in one year of Physical Education.  A five credit hour course titled “Fitness 9” is required for all students.  A  five credit hour physical education elective is also required.  The five credit hour physical education elective may be waived if the student completes two sport seasons by the end of his/her freshman year.  Both the student and parent/guardian must sign a waiver contract in the high school guidance office.


*Starting with the class of 2012, five credit hours of Career Education will be a   requirement for graduation.


The required courses of study will be reviewed by the board annually.


Graduation requirements for special education students will be in accordance with the prescribed course of study as described in their Individualized  Education Program (IEP).  Each student's IEP will include a statement of the projected date of graduation at least 18 months in advance of the projected date and the criteria to be used in determining whether graduation will occur.  Prior to the special education student's graduation, the IEP team shall determine whether the graduation criteria have been met. 


Cross Reference:          604.3   Special Education

                                    611      Academic Achievement



































Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:  12/11/06                                                      Columbus, Nebraska

Revised:   8/10/09                                                        Reviewed:  8/10/09