The district shall assess the progress of students through a district-wide assessment system to provide for a fair and adequate measurement of each student's progress and accomplishments.  Administrators and staff shall select a valid and reliable system of assessments aligned with the curriculum and essential learner outcomes.


The superintendent, in directing the assessment system, shall hold administrators and staff accountable to:


1.      follow appropriate security procedures;

2.      use the assessments identified within applicable curriculum guides;

3.      use assessment data to monitor student learning;

4.      use assessment data to differentiate instruction where appropriate;

5.      provide students and parents with information about student progress;

6.      use assessment data for school improvement planing; and

7.      use assessment data to adjust, improve, or terminate ineffective teaching practices.


Cross Reference:          611          Academic Achievement

                                    1005.02   Parent Relations Goals                     























Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:  12/11/06                                                      Columbus, Nebraska

                                                                                                                Reviewed:  8/10/09