It shall be the policy of the Columbus Public Schools that the learning program allows for purposeful educational travel appropriate for elementary and secondary students.  This travel shall only be used to enrich and extend essential classroom learning by placing students into situations and locations that a teacher(s) are unable to address, simulate, or replicate appropriately in the classroom.  Educational travel shall always be a well-planned learning experience and must always be approved by the building principal or the principal’s designee.  Such travel shall absolutely not be used to reward or punish students. 


Purposeful, meaningful, and well-planned education travel, involving trips into the community and immediate region,  are encouraged at all levels if linked to essential classroom learning.  Such travel generally is classified as a field trip.


The Board of Education in 2007 established a policy in which it would pay up to $250 per student for out-of-state academic competitions.


Educational travel outside the State of Nebraska for domestic travel shall be restricted to students in grades three through twelve.  Educational travel outside the state of Nebraska for foreign travel shall be restricted to student in grades nine through twelve.  Travel requiring students to stay overnight must be approved by the building principal and the Superintendent.  This travel must be approved by the Board of Education 12 months prior to trip.   Special permission may be granted to an organization to make a short out-of-state trip to participate in a special event; for example, Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago, Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C., or a major jazz festival.


Whether a short field trip within Columbus or travel to another country, travel is discouraged whenever the time and expense to travel exceed the time available for students to engage in the learning directly or when the quality of the  learning is not sufficient to justify the time and expense.


All travel shall be properly supervised by a school employee or employees.  Parents and/or other adults, however, may be permitted to help in such supervision under the direction of a school employee.


Legal Reference:         R.R.S.  79-611 Pupils; transportation; driver; liability policy;


Cross Reference:         504.03 Student Conduct

                                    506.01 Student Activity Eligibility

                                    604      Instructional Curriculum

801            Transportation

Policy                                                                          COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted: 12/11/06                                                      Columbus, Nebraska

Revised:  6/13/11                                                        Reviewed:  9/16/13

Revised:  9/16/13