The Board supports and encourages the publication of a district web site to improve community relations, to foster creativity and to demonstrate student learning.  It is a means of providing information to the community about school events and classroom activities, and provides an effective line of communication between the community, staff and students.


The superintendent is directed to develop written web site regulations that pursue the benefits of maintaining a web site while protecting the school and community from its potential misuse.  The superintendent will designate a staff member (herein called the Computer Coordinator) to implement the web site regulations and to review all materials published on the web site.  All web pages on the web site will conform to this policy and the corresponding regulations.


Staff Web Pages


Staff may create web pages to use in class activities or to provide a resource for other staff members.  Staff web pages must reflect the educational goals and objectives of the district.  District employees, board members or guests may not establish personal web pages using district resources.


School or Class Web Pages


Schools or classes may establish web pages that present information about the school or class activities.  The Building Principal will designate an individual to be responsible for managing the school web site under the supervision of the computer coordinator.  Teachers will be responsible for maintaining their class pages.


Extracurricular Organization Web Pages


Extracurricular organizations may establish web pages with the approval of the organization sponsor and the computer coordinator.  Material presented on the organization web page must relate specifically to organization activities and will include only student-produced material. 


Other Web Pages


The district may allow other school-sponsored organizations such as parent-teacher groups, booster clubs, school foundations, etc. to publish web pages providing they conform to this policy and the corresponding administrative regulations.





Written Permission


Written permission from both the parent/guardian and the student must be obtained prior to placing any student photographs, artwork, writing or other projects on the web site.  No personal contact information about the child, such as home address, phone number, or e-mail address will be given.  The work will appear with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of such work without express written permission.  In the event that anyone requests such permission, those requests will be forwarded to the parent or guardian.  All such work may be removed from the web site at the end of the current school year.


Legal Reference:           20 U.S.C. sec. 1232g (1988) (Family Educational Rights and    Privacy Act)

                                    47 U.S.C. 201 et seq. (Communications Decency Act of 1995)

                                    Neb. Statute 79-2104


Cross Reference:          504      Student Rights and Responsibilities

                                    507      Student Records

                                    603      Curriculum Development

                                    604      Instructional Curriculum

                                    606.05 Media Centers

1006        Use of District Facilities and Equipment





















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   12/11/06                                                     Columbus, Nebraska

                                                                                    Reviewed:  8/10/09