Any 11th or 12th grade student who is under the age of 21 shall be eligible to apply to an institution of higher education for enrollment through the post-secondary options program if he or she:


1.      is deemed by the student and parent/guardian on the advice of the principal to be in need of course work at a higher academic level than that available at school


2.      is deemed by school personnel to show a high degree of maturity and responsibility, especially with regard to potential for completing post-secondary courses


3.      is deemed by school personnel to be in need of a different environment


4.      has given two months' written notice to the school district specifying the courses in which the student intends to enroll


Academic Credit


Academic credit granted for course work successfully completed by a student under this program shall count as high school credit toward graduation requirements unless credit is denied by the principal and the denial, if appealed, is upheld by the superintendent and the board on the basis that such credit is inappropriate.  An appeal procedure is provided in the event a student is denied high school credit.  A student participating in this program shall still be considered as enrolled in the district and eligible for all high school activities.


The program is not available for summer school.


Agreement with Institution


When a student enrolls in courses at an institution of higher education for high school credit, the school district and the participating institution shall enter into a written cooperative agreement.  The agreement shall include statements that any courses taken by students under this program also shall qualify as credit toward earning a degree or certificate at the institution of higher education.


Payment of Tuition by Student


The student or parent/guardian shall be responsible for paying the tuition associated with post-secondary courses taken by the student. The district shall not reimburse the student or parent/guardian for tuition for such courses.  The school board will make an exception to this in order to provide incentive for seniors who qualify for mid-term graduation to stay in school


Transportation Costs


The school district shall not provide or pay for transportation to the institution of higher education.


Notice to Students and Parents/Guardians


Information about the post-secondary options program, including the appeals procedure if high school credit is denied, shall be distributed annually to all students in grades eleven and twelve and to their parents/guardians.  Notice shall be given to allow sufficient time for students and parents/guardians to consider this option.


Cross Reference:          611      Academic Achievement































Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   12/11/06                                                     Columbus, Nebraska

Amended:  8/10/09____                                               Reviewed: 8/10/09