Section 600



601                  Goals and Objectives

601.00             Goals and Objectives

     601.00R1        Mission and Beliefs

     601.00R2        Education Equity

     601.00R3        Education Equity, Grievance Procedures, and Complaints


602                  General Organization

     602.01             School Calendar

     602.02             School Day


603                  Curriculum Development

     603.01             Curriculum Development

     603.02             Curriculum Adoption

     603.03             Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

     603.04             Curriculum Evaluation

     603.05             Pilot, Experimental or Innovative Projects


604                  Instructional Curriculum

     604.01             Basic Instruction Program

     604.02             Special Education

     604.03             Multicultural Education

     604.04             Health Education

     604.05             Physical Education

     604.06             Career Education

     604.07             Teaching about Religion

     604.08             Academic Freedom

     604.09             Citizenship

     604.10             Global Education


605                 Alternative Programs

     605.01             Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution

     605.02             Individualized Instruction

605.03                          Program for Talented and Gifted Students (policy in process)

605.04             Religious Based Exclusion from a School Program              

     605.05             English as a Second Language

605.06                          Dual Enrollment

605.06R1        Dual Enrollment Procedure




606                  Instructional Materials

     606.01             Instructional Materials Selection

606.02                          Instructional Materials Inspection

606.03                          Objection to Media and Instructional Materials

606.03R1        Complaints Concerning Library or Instructional Materials

606.03R2        Complaints About Library or Instructional Materials

606.04             Media Centers

606.04R1        Regulation Concerning Acquisition, Selection, Replacement, and

Challenges to Media Center Materials           

606.05             Student Internet Account

     606.06             Acceptable Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet

     606.06E1         Appendix 1, 2, 3

     606.07             District Web Site

     606.08             Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

     606.08R1        Copyright Compliance Procedures


607                 Instructional Arrangements

     607.01             Class Size - Class Grouping

607.02                          School Ceremonies and Observances

607.02R1        Constitution Day Program Examples

     607.03             Animals in the Classroom

     607.04             Student Production of Materials and Services

     607.05             Travel

     607.05R1        Instruction Travel

     607.05R2        Field Trip or Excursion Approval Form

     607.06             Planning and Record-Keeping by Teachers

     607.07             School Volunteers


608                  Instructional Services

     608.01        School and Counseling Program

     608.02        Student Health Services


609                  School Improvement Plan

     609.01             Evaluation of Instructional Programs


610                 Testing

     610.01             Test or Assessment Selection

610.02                          Test or Assessment Administration

610.02R1        Annual Report

610.02R2        Graduate Follow-Up Study

610.02R3        Learning Climate Studies


611                  Academic Achievement

     611.01             Student Progress Reports

     611.02             Student Promotion, Retention or Acceleration

     611.03             Student Honors and Awards

     611.04             Parent Conferences

     611.05             Grading Guidelines

     611.06             Class Rankings and Grade Point Average

611.07                          Graduation Requirements

611.07R1         Guidelines for Graduation After Junior Year

611.07R2         Guidelines for the Approval of Correspondence Courses

611.08                          Early Graduation

611.08R1        Mid-Term Graduation

611.09                          Commencement


612                                    Special Education

612.01                          Free Appropriate Public Education

612.02                          Full Education Opportunity Goal

612.03                          Childfind

612.04                          Evaluation Procedures

612.05                          Individualized Education Program

612.06                          Transition of Children From Part C to Preschool Programs

612.07                          Participation in State and District-Wide Assessments

612.08                          Least Restrictive Environment

612.09                          Children in Nonpublic Schools

612.10                          Procedural Safeguards

612.11                          Transportation

612.12                          Personnel Qualifications

612.13                          Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information

612.14                          Suspension and Expulsion Rates

     612.15            Access to Instructional Material

     612.16            Over-Identification and Disproportionality

     612.17            Prohibition on Mandatory Medication

     612.50            Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities