In the case of a temporary disability, it is the responsibility of the student, parent or guardian to inform the administration, in writing, of the student's temporary disability and request such alterations in the student's educational program that are deemed necessary to protect the student or other students from injury.  Parents shall also inform the building principal of the type of injury that the student is susceptible to.  This request could call for leave of absence from school, homebound or hospital-bound instruction, restricted activities within the student's schedule or changes in a student's schedule.  The building principal may require a statement by a physician as to the limiting factors of the student's disability as it relates to the educational program in which the student is involved.


The building principal shall meet with the parent or guardian to determine what schedule changes or class changes can be made so as to allow the student to continue his/her educational program.  These changes should not cause other students' educational programs to be unduly interrupted.


If a student, parent or guardian has reason to believe that the disability will last more than ten (10) consecutive school days and the student will be unable to attend school, homebound or hospital-bound instruction should be requested.  The administration will require a physician's statement that the student will be unable to attend school and the projected period of absence.  The Director of Student Services, the school staff, and the student, parent and/or guardian will then develop an individual educational plan for homebound or hospital-bound instruction.
















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   9/11/06                                                       Columbus, Nebraska