Participation in school activities is a privilege. School activities provide the benefits of promoting additional interests and ability in the students during their school years and for their lifetime. 


However, students who participate in extracurricular activities serve as ambassadors of the school district throughout the calendar year, whether away from school or at school.  Students wanting to participate in school activities must meet the requirements set out by the school district for participation in the activity and must conduct themselves in accordance with student conduct policies.


Student activity events must be approved by the superintendent unless they involve unusual travel expense, in which case the board will take action. The events must not disrupt the education program or other school district operations.


"Eligibility requirements for activity participation shall be established based upon good citizenship, acceptable academic standing and parental permission. Participation in sports shall also require a student to be in good health, as determined by a medical officer.


Sports at the secondary level include: Cross Country, Football, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming & Diving, Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer, Track & Field, Cheerleading and Dance Teams recognized by Columbus Public Schools. All activity participants, staff, and programs shall follow the guidelines as published by the Nebraska School Activities Association as applicable. Further eligibility requirements may be imposed by the district at the discretion of the School Board, Superintendent or other designee. All eligibility requirements shall be published in applicable student/parent handbooks. "


Any student who is sanctioned or is found by the school district or NSAA to be ineligible to participate in any extra curricular activity may appeal the sanction or finding in accordance with the student due process policy.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations for each school activity.


Legal Reference:                     20 U.S.C. Sect.1681-1683; 1685-1686 (1994).

                                                34 C.F.R. Pt. 106.41 (1993)

Neb Statute 79-296


Cross Reference:                     502      Student Attendance

                                                504      Student Rights and Responsibilities

                                                505      Student Discipline

                                                506      Student Activities

                                                508      Student Health and Well-Being


Policy                                                                          COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   9/11/06                                                      Columbus, Nebraska

Revised:    4/16/12