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Columbus Public Schools is supportive of providing extra-curricular opportunities to students

including high school age students who do not attend Columbus High School but attend a

parochial school based within the Columbus Public Schools District boundaries, through the

process of “co-oping.” Procedures and guidelines for the cooperative agreement will be

developed by the Superintendent. An activity requiring the cooperation of the Columbus

Public Schools with another school or district(s) must be approved by the Board of Education

for the activity to become a part of the Columbus Public Schools Activity Program.


Co-oping in the Columbus Public Schools will only be allowed in activities that are NOT

being provided for in other schools within our District. Activities that are eligible for cooping

with the Columbus Public Schools include, but are not limited to the following:


Boys and Girls Tennis

Boys and Girls Swimming

Girls Softball

Boys Baseball


Each activity will carry a maximum number of participants. This number will be posted in

the regulation that will accompany this policy. Once that number has been achieved, athletes

may be released to bring that number to the maximum. Students released from the activity

will be evaluated using criteria set forth by the coaches and activities director pending

approval from the building administration and the superintendent.


Students from other schools who have been approved to co-op with Columbus Public

Schools must comply with requirements that are requested of other students participating

including (but not limited to) the passing of physical examinations and insurance

requirements on record at Columbus High School. All residents of the participating

cooperative school must purchase a “C-Stamp” that is required of all students who participate

in activities. In addition students who participate in the cooperative who are not residents of

the Columbus Public Schools boundaries will be required to pay a $275 participation fee plus

the “C-Stamp” cost for the first sport. Each additional sport will require another $275

fee. Fee’s will be payable to the school in which the student is enrolled and Columbus Public

Schools will invoice the school where such student is enrolled for participation.


Students who choose to play a Cooperative Sport through Columbus High School must sign

and have their parents sign a receipt that they understand the activity code of conduct for

Columbus Public Schools. All students will be held to the same standard and consequences

through the CHS Handbook.









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If possible, co-op agreements will be determined for submission to the NSAA by April 1

preceding the year in which the cooperative agreement is to be implemented. If it is not

possible to have it completed for the April 1 date, then agreements must be determined for

submission to the NSAA by June 1 for fall activities, September 1 for winter activities and

January 1 for spring activities (as established by the Nebraska Schools Activities

Association). All agreements with the Columbus Public Schools will be for two (2) years.


The superintendent, including the high school principal and activities director will review the

status of the Cooperative with the Activities Committee of the Board of Education and a

Committee of the parochial school board at least once a year. The Activities Committee will

then report back to the entire Board of Education on an annual basis.


The superintendent will consider the recommendations of the high school principal and/or the

high school activities director and the Activity Committee of the Board as to whether a future

activity should be established or dissolved through cooperation. Should the Cooperative

Agreement need to be dissolved, a minimum of a two year notice shall be given to all schools

in the Columbus Public School Cooperative and a plan for cease to exist will be created.


















Policy                                                                          COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted: 7/20/16                                                                     Columbus, Nebraska