The privilege of riding a school bus is contingent upon a student's good behavior and observance of established regulations for student conduct both at bus stops and onboard buses. Since bus transportation is provided to assist the education program, the board shall require students to conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior.


The driver of a school bus shall be responsible for safety of the students on the bus, both during the ride and while students are entering or leaving the vehicle. Therefore, it is the bus driver's duty to notify the supervisor of transportation or the principal of the school involved if any student persists in violating the established rules of conduct.


After due warning has been given to the student and to parents/guardians, the principal may withhold from the student the privilege of riding the school bus. In such cases, the parents of the children involved will be responsible for seeing that their children get to and from school safely.


The student may also face detention, suspension or expulsion, in accordance with established policies, for flagrant violation of school bus rider conduct regulations or conduct detrimental to the safe operation of the bus.


Cross Reference:                      504.03 Student Conduct

                                                505      Student Discipline



















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   9/11/06                                                       Columbus, Nebraska