Open Enrollment and Transfers


Students within designated attendance areas shall have priority in registering in that school. This shall also apply to home‑schooled students desiring to take classes on a part‑time basis. Students may apply for alternative enrollment in a school outside their attendance area and such applications shall be approved if there is space available in the requested school and the application has been submitted on or before (August 1) in accordance with the regulations accompanying this policy.


Parents and/or students who desire a change of school after _August 1     must submit a letter together with the required form requesting a transfer. The request shall be reviewed and acted upon in accordance with the regulations accompanying this policy.


Notwithstanding the provisions of this policy, a student may be assigned outside the attendance area by mutual agreement of the principals in the special interest of the student and/or school.


Students granted permission to attend a school other than the school in their assigned attendance area shall have the same curricular and extracurricular status as all other students attending the school, limited only by rules of the Nebraska School Activities Association.


Approved applications for alternative enrollment shall be valid for attendance at that school throughout the grades served by the school as capacity allows.


Transfer students attending a school outside their attendance area shall be granted admission on a year‑to‑year basis. In the event the population of the attendance area increases to fill the building with attendance areas residents, transfer students may be asked to enroll in another school.


The Board reserves the right to rescind and/or amend any or all alternative enrollments or transfers if in its opinion overcrowding of facilities or other undesirable conditions develop.




Transportation for students granted permission to attend school outside their attendance area must be furnished by their parents unless it is determined that transportation is necessary for the district to comply with state and federal law requirements for homeless or disabled students.





The Board, the superintendent, other administrators and teachers shall not make any distinction on account of race, sex, ethnic group, religion or disability of any student who may be in attendance or who seeks admission to any school maintained by the district in the determination or recommendation of action under this policy.


Special education students


Requests from the parents of special education students for open enrollment or transfer to another school or program shall be considered in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. The student's current Individual Education Plan (IEP) shall be used to determine if the requested school or program can meet the student's needs.


Legal Reference:                       Neb. Statute 79-235


Cross Reference:                      502      Student Admissions

                                                601      Goals and Objectives

                                                605      Alternative Programs






















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   9/11/06                                                       Columbus, Nebraska