When a teacher or principal believes that it is necessary to provide paraeducator support in a regular education classroom setting, the following procedures shall be implemented.


If the request is teacher initiated, the teacher should make the request in writing to the building principal.  If the building principal denies the request, said denial shall also be in writing.


If the principal approves the teacher request, or initiates a request of his/her own, said request shall be forwarded to the Superintendent in writing.  The request shall be based on the number and needs of the students, and the recommendation of the classroom teacher.


The Board of Education shall hold the administration responsible for the equitable distribution of work among the members of the staff.                  



















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:    12/10/70                                                    Columbus, Nebraska

Amended:  12/14/98                                                     Reviewed 11/9/09

Amended:    3/13/06