A full-time teacher's duty day consists of eight hours. A half-time teacher's duty day shall consist of four hours.   The actual times for reporting and leaving shall be established by the building principals in accordance with Policy 406.05, Certified Employee Workday, and the hours in place at the building(s) where the half-time assignment exists.


Half-time teachers will be compensated for time that they are required to be in school outside of their normal four hours.  This would include time for in-service, field trips, parent-teacher conferences, Special Education staffings, district committee work and kindergarten testing.


Teachers will be compensated at their regular rate of pay and time will be calculated to the nearest fifteen-minute interval.  All compensation must have prior approval by the teacher's principal/supervisor.  Claims will be processed twice a year, in December and June.


During any one-day period, at no time may a half-time teacher's total compensation exceed twice the teacher's half-day rate of pay.


All assignments beyond the regular half-time contract shall be made by the principal/supervisor.















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

adopted:     __2/13/89_                                                Columbus, Nebraska

Amended:  __8/11/98__                                               Reviewed:  11/9/09

Amended:  __3/13/06__

Amended:  _11/09/09