Employees returning to work from an injury may in some instances be placed on temporary light duty assignment by the building principal based on a doctor's recommendation.  All employees are hired to perform essential functions for the district and it is necessary to the continued operation of the district that they carry out the duties they were hired to perform.  This alternative duty assignment is intended to reduce lost time days and shall not continue indefinitely.


The building shall monitor the health improvement of the employee and conduct a review of the light duty assignment every sixty days.  Light duty assignment is limited to all employees to a maximum of 180 days.


Cross Reference:          404      Employees' Health and Well-Being

                                    407.05 Certificated Employee Workers' Compensation

                                    410.02 Certificated Employee Personal Illness Leave

                                    413.04 Support Staff Workers' Compensation

                                    415.02 Support Staff Personal Illness Leave
























Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   _3/13/06                                                     Columbus, Nebraska

Amended:  11/09/09                                                     Reviewed:  11/9/09