Columbus Public Schools will not discriminate against any employee due to health conditions.  However, there are tines when it is in the best interest of staff and students for an employee’s health condition to be disclosed to the district.  Such information shall be treated as confidential, as required by state and federal statutes, and will be divulged only to the extent necessary to protect the employee, other staff, and students.


Employees with a major health condition are to advise the Superintendent of the condition.  A major health condition is defined as a condition, injury, or disease affecting the employee’s ability to carry out the essential functions of the position they hold or a communicable or infectious disease that may be transmitted from person to person.  Disclosure is necessary to determine whether steps need to be taken to ensure a safe working and learning environment for the employee, other staff, and students.


All employment actions will comply with applicable state and federal statutes.


Legal Reference:          






Nebraska Statute: 79-608


29 C.F.R. Pt. 1630


Cross Reference:          404      Employees' Health and Well-Being
















Policy                                                                       COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   _3/13/06______                                     Columbus, Nebraska

                                                                                Reviewed:  11/9/09