The superintendent may approve the use of school facilities, equipment and other resources by school employees except for those activities which result in personal or corporate gain.  School vehicles shall not be available for personal use except as provided in individual employee contracts.


School vehicles may not be used outside of the school year for student activities.  The only exception is for trips necessitated as advancements from competitions that occurred during the school year.  Approval for such vehicle use must be given by the school principal and a school board designee.


Employees are allowed to use public resources within the statutory definition of incidental or de minimis use for purposes such as research or communication that would otherwise be prohibited by state or federal statutes.


In some cases, employee use of district resources may result in the need to report such use as additional compensation in accordance with IRS codes.  The superintendent will inform business personnel when he/she is aware of employee use of district resources requiring such reporting.


Legal Reference:           Neb. Statute 49-14,101


Cross Reference:          1006.01 Community Use of School Bldgs., Sites and Equipment

















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:  11/09/09                                                      Columbus, Nebraska

                                                                                    Reviewed:  11/9/09