The Board will pay, as a fringe benefit, the money equivalent to that of a family health insurance plan.  The Columbus Education Association governs the District's insurance plan through negotiations.  This money may be applied toward any combination of the following two options:  1) BC/BS Health Insurance;  2)  Cash.  If more than one member of an administrator's family is employed by the District and receives money from the District to apply to a common health insurance policy, cash option or annuity plan, neither person shall lose any benefits because more than one person contributes, regardless of which person's name is on the policy.  This benefit will be pro-rated accordingly for employees working half time or more.


The District will provide a group term life insurance policy equivalent to the administrator's contracted salary, rounded off to the nearest thousand dollars.  Each administrator will have the option of carrying an additional increment of his/her salary of term insurance with the same carrier at the expense of the administrator.  The administrator may carry this insurance at the administrator's expense from retirement until age seventy (70). 


The District will provide a long-term disability policy for each administrator.  The policy will pay 66 2/3% of the professional administrator's salary not to exceed $5,000 per month upon being absent from work after 90 continuous days of disability due to accidental bodily injury or sickness according to the provisions of the policy.













Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   10/11/93                                         Columbus, Nebraska

Amended: _3/13/06                                                      Reviewed:  11/9/09