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The board recognizes and appreciates service given to the district. Employees, board members, volunteers or others associated with the operations of the district may be honored by the board, administration and staff in an appropriate manner by the awarding of plaques, certificates of achievement, flowers or memorials in times of bereavement, or items of value.


If the form of recognition thought appropriate by the administration and employees involves unusual expense to the school district, the superintendent shall seek prior approval from the board. Any expenditure for recognition of service shall be limited to 100 dollars per individual per occasion.


Staff Memorials


The district will provide family and friends ample opportunities to express their grief upon the death of a student or staff member active in the schools at the time of his/her death. Such opportunities shall be in accordance with district rules and procedures.


The Board encourages the establishment of memorials in the form of scholarships through the Columbus Public Schools Foundation. The Board also encourages contributions by students, staff and administrators to memorials designated by the family and local charities (i.e. EPSF, Cancer Society, SADD).


The Board reserves the right to reject memorials purchased or donated in memory of a student or staff member if:


1.      The memorial contains a name or picture of the deceased to be displayed in a building or on school grounds.


2.      It alters the routine of a regular school day.


3.      It requires the retirement or discontinued use of school property.

4.      It requires the altering of property or publications.


5.      It requires altering of school activities in any way.


6.      It infringes on the separation of church and state.

7.      It requires public funds to purchase, develop, or maintain.


8.      It obligates the district in the future that could have an adverse effect on the education of students.





Legal Reference:            Neb. Statute 13-­‐2203


Cross Reference:        408       Certificated Employee Termination of Employment

                                     414      Support Staff Termination of Employment

Policy                                                                          COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted: 3/13/06                                                                Columbus, Nebraska

Amended:  11/9/09

Amended: 4/15/13

Revised: 12/21/15                                                               Reviewed: 11/16/15