Administrators shall be hired by the board to assist the superintendent in the day-to-day operations of the school district.  Principals serve under the direction of the superintendent.  Job descriptions for all administrator positions are located in the superintendent’s office and are attached to this policy as exhibits.  Job descriptions shall not act to limit the board’s authority and responsibility.


There shall be a principal responsible for the administration and operation of each school building.  Each building principal, as chief administrator of the assigned school, shall be responsible for the building and grounds, for the students and employees assigned to the school, for school activities at the building, for the education program offered in the school, and the budget for the school building.  The principal shall be considered the professional advisor to the superintendent in matters pertaining to the school supervised by the principal. 








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Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:  __06/14/04______                                      Columbus, Nebraska