Questions and problems shall be resolved at the lowest organizational level nearest to the complaint.  School employees shall be responsible for conferring with their immediate supervisor on questions and concerns.  Students and other members of the school district community shall confer with a certificated employee and then with the principal on questions and concerns.  Policies referenced at the end of this page shall serve as guidelines for additional resolution of conflicts.


It shall first be the responsibility of the administrators to resolve questions and problems raised by the employees and the students they supervise and by other members of the school district community.


Legal Reference:                       Nebraska Statute 79-254 et seq.


Cross Reference:                      204.12   Public Participation in Board Meetings

                                                402.05   Employee Grievances

                                                504.01   Student Due Process Rights

                                                506.06   Student Publications

                                                1005.01 Public Complaints




















Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:   _06/14/04                                       Columbus, Nebraska

Amended:  3/9/09