It shall be the responsibility of the board to annually appoint a board secretary.  The secretary shall take the oath of office.


A board secretary may be appointed from employees, from the public or from among board members at the annual board organizational meeting.


It shall be the responsibility of the board secretary, as custodian of school district records, to preserve and maintain the records and documents pertaining to the business of the board; to keep complete minutes of special and regular board meetings; to cause the meeting minutes and a list of all approved claims to be published; to keep a record of the results of regular and special elections; to keep an accurate account of school funds; to sign warrants drawn on the school funds after board approval; and to complete and maintain the annual school census.  The board secretary is also responsible for filing the required reports with the Nebraska Department of Education.






















Legal Reference:                       Neb. Statute 79-528


                                                                     79-576 to 580                                                             


Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:     12-08-03                                      Columbus, Nebraska