If the board president is unable or unwilling to carry out the duties required, it shall be the responsibility of the vice president of the board to carry out the duties of the president.  If the president is unable or unwilling to complete the term of office, the vice president shall serve as president for the balance of the president’s term of office, and a new vice president shall be elected.


The vice president of the board shall be elected by a majority vote at the organizational meeting each year to serve a one-year term of office.


The vice president shall accept control of the meeting from the president when the president wishes to make or second a motion.  The vice president shall take an active role in board decisions by discussing and voting on matters before the board in the same manner as other board members.


In the absence of both the president and vice-president, the remaining members shall select an acting president.







Legal Reference:                       Neb. Statute 79-564

                                                                     79-567 to 569


Cross Reference:                      201.01 Board Powers and Responsibilities















Policy   Adopted:      12-08-03                                     COLUMBUS PUBIC SCHOOLS

Policy Revised:        11/10/08                                       Columbus, Nebraska