Columbus Public Schools Leadership Operating Principles


Educational Advocacy



Board Team Members Believe That:


·                   The most important responsibility of this team is to promote well-rounded learning opportunities for individual growth for each student.


·                   All team members shall be knowledgeable about and supportive of the educational progress in the district and shall seek to communicate support of that progress to our stakeholders.


·                   Each board team member will adhere to supporting Board decisions once a majority vote has been taken.






Leadership Team Development




Board Team Members Believe That:


·                   We must recognize and appreciate the diverse backgrounds and experiences of other team members.



·                   Every team member has the freedom and opportunity to express his/her beliefs about relative issues affecting the school district.


·                   We will assume responsibility for doing what is in the best interest of ALL CPS students and ALL community stakeholders.


·                   Our improvement as a team will be enhanced by our active participation in events and activities that foster our learning.   Each team member is encouraged to attend at least two development opportunities each school year.


·                   We will set goals on an annual basis to encourage our continued growth and development.








Developing Open Communication


Board Team Members Believe That:


·                   Effective communication requires high levels of trust.  We will build that trust by:

o    Striving to see the good in others.

o   Being accountable to the team for his/her actions as a team member.

o    Refraining from speaking negatively about another team member.

o   Looking for, respecting, and recognizing the positive contributions of each team member.

o    Seeking ways to turn obstacles into opportunities.

o   Maintaining a sense of hope, optimism, and humor in working together.

o   Maintaining confidentiality of privileged information protected by statute at all times and under all circumstances.


·                   Each team member attends a pre-board meeting with the superintendent to openly discuss district issues and upcoming agenda items.


·                   Open channels of formal and informal communication will be established and maintained among all team members.


·                   Team members will offer praise to district employees personally and collectively.


·                   Team member criticism of employees should not be communicated personally to them.  Concerns will be brought to the Superintendent and should not be aired in public.


·                   Should concerns about team members arise, the person with the concern will share privately their views with the individual.   If a resolution is not reached between the two team members, a third person will be mutually identified to assist in the resolution of the concern.  There may be times when the resolution will involve the entire board team.









Handling Concerns


The Board Team Members Will Adhere To the Following When Approached With Staff or Patron Concerns:


·                   Listen to the individual’s concern


·                   Explain that the board/superintendent team has established a formal process for handling concerns and encourage the person to follow that process.


o   Ask if they have discussed the issue with the person immediately responsible (i.e., teacher, principal).

o   Assure the person that the superintendent will be informed of the complaint, if appropriate.

o   Express appreciation to the individual for presenting the concern.

o   Ask the person to report back on the progress or resolution of the concern, if appropriate.












Meeting Format


Board Team Members Believe:


·                   Board meeting agendas will initially be developed by the superintendent with feedback obtained by board members during the pre-board meetings.  The final agenda is adopted cooperatively between the board leadership and superintendent.


·                   Because time is needed for making informed and thoughtful decisions, every effort will be made to provide information needed by all team members on a timely basis.


·                   The team will encourage public involvement consistent with district guidelines and state requirements.








Planning, Goal Setting and Accountability


Board Team Members Believe That:


·                    The team is committed to a comprehensive planning process leading to mutually acceptable goals and their accountability.


·                    The plan shall detail responsibilities for individuals along with an assessment of progress in measurable terms at regular intervals.


·                    The team will support a comprehensive planning process within the district that will form the basis for specific actions and results within the district.


·                    Update on progress of goals will be regularly communicated at board meetings.


·                    The team will self-assess their performance and evaluate team goals and provide feedback to all members.






Legal Reference:                       Neb. Statute 79-526


Cross Reference:                      201.01 Board Powers and Responsibilities

                                                202.02 Board Member Conflict of Interest










Policy                                                                           COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adopted:     12-08-03­                                                  Columbus, Nebraska

Revised:       4/13/09