The Board of Education pledges its support of, and cooperation with the Commissioner of Education and the professional employment of the State Department of Education. This support and cooperation will extend to the North Central Association, State School Board, Panhandle Educational Resource Council, Educational Service Unit #13 and any organization that has as its aim the betterment of education.


The board contemplates full compliance with the Constitution of the State of Nebraska and the statutes of the State. Any policy herein expressed in conflict with such Constitution or Law is declared void.


The board seeks to maintain professional relations and seeks the services of, and pledges its support to the State University and area colleges.


The board seeks the services of and pledges the best interest of the State and regional accrediting agencies.


This cooperative effort shall be maintained between the officials of the school district and governmental agencies, but in so doing, the rights of the school, the home, governmental authorities and of the individual shall be clearly understood and protected.
























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