The use of volunteers within the school program enhances the educational process both for students and for the community.  Volunteers may provide additional support in the classroom, promote community-school cooperation in facilitating the learning process and provide resource persons for the district who have expertise in various areas.


Building principals shall make the final determination whether an interested community member will serve as a volunteer.  The safety and well being of the students, staff and volunteers of the district is the chief concern.  Therefore, the district may conduct criminal background checks on all volunteers who work directly with and/or have access to students.  Background checks, if completed, will be conducted prior to the first time the individual volunteers work with the students and the district reserves the right to conduct additional background checks periodically thereafter.


School volunteers shall be expected to abide by all applicable laws, district polices and administrative procedures when performing their responsibilities.  All district employees working directly with a volunteer are responsible for directing and supervising the activities of the volunteer with broad supervision provided by the building principal/administrators.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to implement this policy.






















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