Distribution of printed material and circulation of petitions

Students may distribute printed materials and collect signatures on petitions concerning either in-school or out-of-school issues, whether such materials are produced within or outside the school, subject to the following:


1.      The time, place and manner of such activity shall be such as not to interfere with the school program or educational processes.


2.      Printed matter and petitions distributed or circulated on school property, shall bear the name of the sponsoring organization or individual.


3.      The administration may require prior approval of the time, place, and manner of distribution and contents of materials according to district policies and procedures.


The wearing of buttons, badges, or armbands bearing slogans or sayings shall be permitted as another form of expression unless its message falls within the restricted categories of freedom of expression.


The selling of any materials or services within the school grounds will be limited to student organizations and community clubs who are promoting the welfare of the school. Such clubs or organizations must obtain permission from the building principal.


Bulletin boards

School authorities may restrict the use of bulletin boards to school announcements. Bulletin board space shall be provided for the use of students and student organizations including space for notices relating to matters of general interest to students. The following general limitations on posting may be applied:


1.      School authorities shall prohibit the posting of any material containing any statement or expression to which freedom of expression, as defined under these policies, does not extend.


2.      Identification shall be required on any posted notice of the student or student group issuing the same.


3.      The school shall require that notices or other communications be approved by the building principal and be dated before posting. Such material shall be removed after a reasonable time to assure full access to the bulletin board.





Approved _______________ Reviewed ______________ Revised ________________


Distribution of materials to the schools

Distribution of materials to the schools by organizations whose main function is to advertise or promote a profit-making, non-school organization or event is prohibited.


Materials of educational value, such as safety precautions, may be distributed from the superintendentís office.


Contests for students

A non-profit organization sponsoring a contest for student participation may, upon the administrator's approval send the explanatory materials to the office for distribution.

School personnel will post the materials accessible for students to read; they will not promote, encourage, or discourage student participation. Students may not use school time to work on materials for any contest unless the contest is within the context of the instructional program, and it does not distract but enhances the objectives of the course.


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