Communications and school-community relations

The Board of Education recognizes that the schools exist as an integral part of the community and cannot be separated from it. The board believes further that the success of the school's program will depend largely upon the effectiveness of parents, students and staff working toward common goals. A continuous program of two way communication is essential.


Staff involvement in community

Employees of the Mitchell Schools are urged to participate in community activities as a means of keeping current on what is vital to the interests of the district and as a means of contributing time and resources to make the neighborhood, city, state, nation and world a better place to live.


News policy

The board recognizes that the schools belong to the people, and that the community should be kept informed about what is happening in the school. Therefore, the news policy is based upon honesty, openness and fairness, and recognizes that what schools do is news. All staff members are urged to fully cooperate with members of the news media in presenting their school programs through the media.


Information of strictly a personal nature shall not be released without the consent of the individual.


Notification and attendance of school board meetings

The press and community will be given advance notice of the time, place and business matters to be acted upon at all school board meetings.


The public is invited and urged to attend all school board meetings.


Communications programs

The board supports the adoption of programs which will aid the district in establishing effective communications both internally with staff and externally with the community, state and nation.


The role of educators

The board recognizes the fact that the schools are built and improved through shared ideas. Since the district benefits from ideas shared with the system from across the nation, the system is therefore committed to, in turn, share with other school systems its ideas on a local, state and national level.




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