The superintendent shall annually prepare a written report which will be distributed to all patrons of the district in order to keep them fully informed of the condition of the school and the instructional program, and to seek input for continued improvement.


This report will be distributed to all patrons of the district on or before October 1st of each year.


This report shall include:


It will also include a three year follow-up study of the high school graduates. A summary of the results of the three year follow-up will be included in the report immediately following the latest three year study. All individual student records are to be kept in strict confidence; however, composites of class performance will be reported (if over 5 people are in the class).


An annual survey of the patrons will accompany this report and seek input for the improvement of the District. This survey will assist in the assessment of the learning climate of the District and assist the Board in making viable decisions for the future of the District. A summary of the results of the survey will be published in the school newsletter, which follows the annual report.


Legal Reference:                     NDE Rule 10.005.02

                                                NDE Rule 10.010.01


Cross Reference:                     1001    Principles and Objectives for Community Relations

1004        Press, Radio and Television News Media

1005        Public Participation in the School District










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