School shall not be dismissed except for the dates and times shown on the official board calendar, except by action of the Board of Education, or in exceptional cases of weather if the superintendent considers it unwise to hold school. Unless for extreme emergency, schools will not be dismissed during the school day.


All school days which are dismissed shall be made up not to exceed the total number of days as specified in the teacher's contract.  Days may be made up by using days initially marked as "vacation days" (i.e., the Monday after Easter or spring break), or by extending the school year.


When school is dismissed, all activities for the day are either to be cancelled or postponed including activity practices, club meetings, etc., if the cause for dismissal is inclement weather.


On days of inclement weather, the decision whether or not to hold school will be made by school authorities as early as it is possible. In most cases this will be by 7:00 a.m. As several contacts must be made to the outlying areas, it is suggested that students and parents not call the school authorities thereby tying up their phones and keeping them from obtaining the information necessary to make the decision on whether or not to hold school. 


If the decision is made to call off school, appropriate media including radio stations KOLT and KNEB will be notified and they will make the announcement. Bus drivers are then notified. The same procedure is used when school is in session and a sudden storm makes it advisable to dismiss school early for the day. 


If the decision is made to hold school and parents feel that it would be a hazardous situation to send their children to school, parents have the right to keep them at home.














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