The board encourages cooperation with local law enforcement and fire authorities and insurance company personnel in planning and carrying out proper security measures to preserve and protect the district’s investment in its physical plant.


Buildings constitute one of the greatest capital investments of the district and should be protected.  Security includes minimizing fire or other safety hazards, reducing the probability of faulty equipment, and keeping records and funds in a safe place.  Security also includes having available floor plans of buildings and site plans showing campus boundaries and access points.


A key control system shall be established and maintained limiting building access to district personnel thus safeguarding against potential entry by unauthorized persons.


The superintendent is directed to establish regulations as may be needed to provide for security of buildings and grounds.


Incidents of illegal entry, theft of school property, vandalism or damage to school property from any cause shall be reported by phone to the office of the superintendent and to the appropriate law enforcement agency as soon as discovered.  A written report of the incident shall be made within 24 hours of discovery and forwarded to the superintendent’s office.


Cross Reference:         404.03 Employees’ Personal Security and Safety



















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