The board may engage the services of consultants or other personnel to study the needs of the school district's buildings and sites in providing the education program.  The results of these services will be considered in planning the education program and in making decisions about the improvement and acquisition of additional buildings and sites.


In any construction involving architecture or engineering with a cost contemplated to exceed $100,000, and an amount as periodically adjusted by state statute, the board shall engage an architect, a professional engineer, or a person or persons under the direct supervision of an architect or professional engineer to prepare the plans, specifications and estimates for the construction.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation to the board regarding the need for such services and who should perform such services for the board.


Buildings considered for purchase or construction by the board or currently owned by the school district and used for the education program must meet, or upon improvement be able to meet, the specifications set by the board.  The board shall make this determination.


Prior to construction or renovation of buildings and sites the board shall make a determination of the method by which it will obtain construction services.  If the board elects by a seventy-five percent affirmative vote to use the Construction Management at Risk or Design-Build methods rather than the traditional Design-Bid-Build method, policies for that respective method must be established prior to selecting the construction services provider.


Prior to remodeling or other construction of buildings and sites, the board may appoint a committee of consultants, employees, citizens, or others to assist the board in developing the specifications for the new or improved buildings and sites.  These specifications shall be consistent with the education program, and they shall provide the architect with the information necessary to determine what is expected from the facility.  It shall be within the discretion of the board to determine whether a committee shall be appointed.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation to the board regarding the specifications of buildings and sites.


Legal Reference:         Neb. Statute 81-3445


Cross Reference:         104      Educational and Operational Planning




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