The board will maintain a comprehensive insurance program to provide adequate coverage against major types of risk, loss, or damage, as well as legal liability.  The board will purchase insurance at replacement values, when possible, after reviewing the costs and availability of such insurance.  The comprehensive insurance program shall be reviewed once every three years.


The school district will assume the risk of property damage, legal liability, and dishonesty in cases in which the exposure is so small or dispersed that a loss does not significantly affect the operation of the education program or financial condition of the school district.


Insurance of buildings, structures, or property in the open will not generally be purchased to cover loss exposures below $1,000. unless such insurance is required by statute or contract.  The school district will make every effort to obtain property, vehicle, and liability insurance at the most economical cost, consistent with required service, by obtaining quotations or by negotiation, using whichever method is advantageous to the district.


Administration of the insurance program, making recommendations for additional insurance coverage, placing the insurance coverage and loss prevention activities shall be the responsibility of the superintendent. 


Blanket building and equipment insurance will cover replacement costs with an agreed amount endorsement and with a deductible determined by the superintendent to provide the lowest possible premium costs consistent with adequate protection from unanticipated expenditures.


General and personal liability insurance will cover district Board members and employees only while acting in their official capacity.


The district will provide liability coverage for all district-owned or leased vehicles.


The district will establish and provide the opportunity for students to purchase student accident insurance.  The district will not carry student accident insurance other than liability insurance.


The district will not be liable for theft and damage of personal property of students that is not a requirement for attendance or participation.  Additionally, the district will not be liable for theft and damage of personal property of staff.



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