School district records shall be housed in the central administration office of the school district.  It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to oversee the maintenance and accuracy of the records.  The following records shall be kept and preserved according to the schedule below:


·         Secretary's financial records                                                         Permanently

·         Treasurer's financial records                                                          Permanently

·         Minutes of the Board of Directors                                               Permanently

·         Annual audit reports                                                                     Permanently

·         Annual budget                                                                              Permanently

·         Permanent record of individual pupil                                           Permanently

·         Records of payment of judgments against the school district      20 years

·         Bonds and bond coupons                                                             10 years

·         Written contracts                                                                          10 years

·         Cancelled warrants, check stubs, bank statements, bills,

 invoices, inventories and related records                               5 years

·         Program grants                                                                              As determined by the


·         Nonpayroll personnel records                                                       7 years

·         Payroll records                                                                              3 years


Employees' records shall be housed in the central administration office of the school district.  The employees' records shall be maintained by the superintendent, the building administrator and the employee's immediate supervisor.


The permanent and cumulative records of students currently enrolled in the school district shall be housed in the central administration office of the attendance center where the student attends.


The superintendent may microfilm or microfiche school district records and may destroy paper copies of the records if they are more than three years old.  A properly authenticated reproduction of a microfilmed record meets the same legal requirements as the original record.


Cross Reference:         203.04 Secretary

                                    204.11 Meeting Minutes

                                    402.06 Employee Records

                                    507      Student Records

                                    1003    Public Examination of District Records




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