Standing authorization shall be granted by the board to school administrators, school nurses and other student services personnel designated by the superintendent.


Personnel with standing authorization or with special permission to use their own cars for transporting students must carry liability insurance coverage in compliance with state law. A record of such coverage shall be placed on file with the appropriate administrative official.†


Special permission for providing student transportation may be granted in exceptional cases by the principal to other professional staff members such as coaches, music teachers and activity sponsors. Exceptional cases shall be determined by review of the number of students traveling, relative costs, safety factors and distance providing as follows:


1.      The school administrator has approved the activity;


2.      A permission slip signed by the studentís parent(s) has been received by the principal or his/her designee, granting permission for the student to participate in the field trip/activity and to ride in a privately-owned vehicle;


3.      The employee driving the vehicle is properly licensed to drive and has provided proof of insurance.† Such insurance shall meet or exceed minimum requirements as established by the state of Nebraska and as set by the district;


4.      The vehicle contains an adequate number of seat restraints and the adult driver requires their use.


The district will develop procedures to implement this policy.















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